Luxury Cupcake Soaps

These luxury soap cupcakes are made using the traditional cold process soapmaking method.  I start with a jug of olive oil, add sustainable palm oil for a luxurious lather, and shea butter or coconut oil for its moisturising qualities. 

After mixing with a solution of water and sodium hydroxide (lye), the soaps are left to saponify.  The lye amazingly turns the oils into soap and glycerine.  (After all these years, I am still in awe of this!)  Once this is done, I can whip up another batch of soap to pipe onto the top of the soapy cake, and add a paper rose to the top for decoration - Ta Dah!

I love these cupcakes.  I alwyas pipe them a bit too big (!),  so they wont fit into my gift boxes, but I do supply them in a lovely organza bag and wrap them in tissue.

Gill x

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